Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What kind of equipment is INFRASLIMX?

The latest generation well-being device which is completely different from what we’ve had so far for slimming and health-preserving. It is a semi-closed machine. Exercise is provided by a bicycle, which is adjustable to the user’s current state of fitness. It has infra panels, similar to infra-saunas. This is complemented by vacuum,  collagen light therapy, aromatherapy, ozone and oxygen therapy.

Why is it so effective?

The technologies work together, enhancing results. The vacuum therapy creates vacuum space helping tissues loosen, capillary vessels, blood vessels and blood vessels expand, giving cells much more oxygen and nutrients and our performance much higher. As the performance increases, the body will need more oxygen, this excess oxygen will be provided by a built-in oxygen generator, which will make the cells more loadable and significantly more calories are burnt than other exercises..

Who do we recommend the machine?

First and foremost, those who want to achieve a quick result in body shaping, cellulite treatment and cardio workouts in the shortest possible time, who live a sedentary lifestyle and have not yet found the they of workout they enjoy, who are now starting to change lifestyles, who are overweight, who like to eat but do not want to get fat, or who are on some level limited in freedom of movement, for newbies, grandmothers, everyone who recognises the fact that a healthy human body is based on movement.

How many times shall I use the machine?

For the most optimal result, use it 2-3 times a week. If you want to get results really fast, you can use it 4-6 times a week.


We are opening multiple locations in the near future, so please check regularly our open stores at Store Locator.

Sessions cost between £50-£100, courses are available for greater savings.

  • Cotton socks
  • Short shorts or sports pants
  • Short-sleeved T-shirt and/or sports bra
  • Towels

Yes, as with all workouts, this should be done while taking care of hydration. If we don’t get enough fluids in, our blood will thicken and it’ll be harder to empty the excreta. In this case, the heart needs to work harder to ensure proper blood flow, which can also cause muscle spasm, dizziness and fatigue. To avoid drastic fluid loss due to exercise, consume about half a litre of water in smaller portions in the half hour before the sport, and then, depending on the intensity of the movement, drink about 1-2 dl every 15 minutes during exercise.

Yes, You can also play your favourite song or video. You can listen to your Spotify playlist if you feel like it. Youtube, HBO GO and Netflix are available. Your iPhone or Android can be connected via Bluetooth.

Everyone who uses the machine, as pure oxygen has an extremely good effect on the body, improves condition, mood, stamina and also enhances mental performance. It also avoids oxygen deprivation and muscle soreness. If you are already taking oxygen therapy, check with your doctor first.

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