Oxygen is an essential gas for the body to function, which is normally extracted by the lungs from the ambient air during inhalation, from where it enters the bloodstream. Oxygen travels through the blood to all the organs, tissues and cells in the body. Oxygen is vital for metabolic processes in cells. The air we breathe in is approx. It contains 21% oxygen. Although this is sufficient for our normal activity, with an increased cellular metabolism, this amount may prove to be small. Oxygen therapy is an additional oxygen supplement that provides a better supply of oxygen to the body, and the point is that an oxygen generator adds extra oxygen to the inhaled ambient air through a mask or snorkel, increasing the amount of oxygen inhaled from 20% to about 40%. The oxygen generator built into the INFRASLIMX machine can produce 3 liters of 70% pure oxygen per minute.

Oxygen therapy is recommended for anyone whose blood oxygen level is low for various reasons or whose oxygen demand increases due to greater physical performance. If the body does not get enough oxygen, we may experience a number of unpleasant symptoms such as rapid breathing, shortness of breath, high heart rate, coughing, wheezing, sweating. Because oxygen deficiency affects all organs in the body, including the brain, the first signs of deficiency can be decreased ability to concentrate, exhaustion, low stress tolerance, constant nervousness, and fatigue. If we find that we are weak, innervated during the day, there is a good chance that low oxygen levels are in the background, as oxygen is what provides the stamina needed to perform everyday tasks. Other symptoms may include headache, frontal tenderness, acidification, tired skin color. Lack of oxygen can also cause problems with our immune function: the number of phagocytes in the blood decreases, which increases the chances of bacterial and viral infections, fungal diseases, pollen allergies and asthma. Physical and sexual performance may be reduced, and externally, obesity, excess weight, wrinkled, dry, inelastic skin, collagen deficiency, cellulite, and acne-prone skin may appear.

The oxygen therapy function built into the INFRASLIMX has been based on a number of studies that have shown that supplemental oxygen intake allows a person to perform better in the face of increased physical activity. Extra oxygen affects the health of all vital organs, improves fitness, mood, endurance and also enhances mental performance. Oxygen-saturated body fluid is readily available during metabolism, ensuring stem cell mobility and the ability to bind free radical scavengers. Users of regular oxygen therapy may experience increased stamina, deeper sleep, and an overall better quality of life. Depending on the degree of oxygen deficiency, some may need oxygen therapy on a regular basis, while others may need it only occasionally or in certain situations, such as strenuous physical activity. Muscle fever, which suddenly develops after a lot of muscle work, is also caused by an oxygen-deficient condition, although today it can be traced back to several factors. Thoroughly used muscle does not get enough oxygen for increased performance, so it switches from aerobic (oxygen-rich) activity to anaerobic (oxygen-free). The end product of this process is lactic acid, which shifts the pH balance and is unable to be excreted from the muscle upon abrupt cessation of activity. Both the pH shift and the presence of acid stimulate the pain receptors, so every movement becomes painful. Recent research has highlighted the role of microcracks on sudden loading and the accumulation of intracellular calcium ions and local inflammation due to the above processes, in addition to lactic acid.

The combined effect of infrared radiation and fitness while using INFRASLIMX greatly increases cellular metabolism, which requires increased oxygen uptake, so the combined use of infrared and oxygen therapy is particularly justified and effective, as supplemental oxygen supplementation can ensure proper cell function. INFRASLIMX allows the user to get the most out of themselves, while sparing any unpleasant symptoms during or after a workout, muscle cramps. It is important to keep your body’s oxygen levels under control, as too high an oxygen level can be just as harmful as too low an oxygen level. The INFRASLIMX machine measures oxygen saturation with an oxygen level meter, which indirectly monitors the level of oxygen in the body. The oxygen level in the arterial blood is 75-100 mmHg. In case of oxygen levels of 60 mmHg or lower, oxygen therapy treatment is definitely justified, while the upper limit is 110 mmHg, above which we are talking about overdose, therefore constant measurement / monitoring is necessary during treatment as well.

Other information on using the INFRASLIMX oxygen therapy function:

  • If you regularly use the oxygen therapy function of INFRASLIMX, be sure to consult your doctor about the use of extra oxygen therapy to avoid oxygen overdose.
  • Do not drink alcohol or take sedative and / or relaxing medicines before or during oxygen therapy.
  • In all cases, ask for a clean nasal cannula for treatment and also clean your own nasal cannula before use. If you have been ill before treatment, do not use the same cannula again.
  • Also take care of the integrity of your skin during use: use a moisturizer around the nostrils! Put a piece of gauze under your ear so that the tube does not injure your skin!
  • Oxygen is extremely flammable, so smoking or using an open flame is strictly forbidden near oxygen therapy devices!


Place the appliance at least 2 meters away from radiators or even candles!