The blessing healing effect of warm wavelength light has been used by mankind for millennia. Infrared light is part of the sun’s invisible radiation spectrum, one of the most important effects of which on the human body is to penetrate tissues easily and deeply. We can easily experience this in summer, when we can feel the heat of the sun while sitting under an umbrella. This is because infrared light also penetrates the screen and penetrates deep into our skin, where it creates a subtle vibration that relaxes the muscles and speeds up blood circulation. The ordinary spread of infrared light is mainly due to this natural process.

For cosmetics and medicine, the so-called IR-A (near infrared light), i.e. the range of 780-1400 nm, is significant as it has the deepest penetration, up to 3-5 cm: it can extend all the way to the subcutaneous tissue, ie the subcutaneous tissue, especially the lower, 850-900 nm wavelength range, which is also used by infrared saunas. The infrared sauna, which has been growing in popularity in recent years, is due to its detoxifying, detoxifying, cellulite-reducing and regenerating, immune-boosting effects. A well-known use of infrared light is even the infrared lamp, which is now available to anyone for home, complementary treatment: it can alleviate the symptoms of upper respiratory diseases, local inflammations, complaints of rheumatic origin, menstrual cramps.

70% of the human body and 80% of our blood is water, which is extremely important for treatment with infrared heat because the water molecules resonate and become active on the vibration caused by infrared light. This process helps with optimal oxygen uptake, which can be achieved with maximum efficiency through supplemental oxygen therapy when using INFRASLIM X. Infrared light excites the molecules with its own energy, thereby creating higher energy levels in the tissues, which is accompanied by corresponding physiological changes, e.g. with improved blood supply, muscle relaxation, reduction of inflammation, pain relief.

In addition, due to the fine resonance and the resulting heat effect, the capillaries dilate, the blood and lymphatic circulation speeds up and the breakdown of fat begins. The body gets rid of excess toxins and gets a quick supply of nutrients, which helps relieve the liver and kidneys, so you can immediately feel better. These by-products can be heavy metals that can cause cancer, or lactic acid, which can cause fatigue and aging, and can be fatty acids, the presence of which can lead to high blood pressure. The deposited substances and possible plaques are released and the blood vessels become freely permeable, thus preventing atherosclerosis and its complications. The dilation of the blood vessels relieves the load on the heart and also helps the nutrients and oxygen to reach the various tissues and cells without hindrance and quickly.

Infrared radiation makes the connective tissues more flexible and creates more favorable conditions for active movement for the joints, which is a particularly important advantage of the INFRASLIM X. In addition, the above physiological processes benefit our mental state and our resistance to disease: the functioning of the brain and the immune system improves, and physical fitness and performance increase. In addition, it regenerates the skin, smoothes surface wrinkles, regulates the oil content of the skin, has a beneficial effect on acne, acne symptoms, and results in a fresh complexion, which INFRASLIM X even supports with collagen light therapy.

Inside the INFRASLIM X, there are two infrared panels under the user’s feet that warm the thighs from below and an upper panel that heats the abdomen and thighs from above, so it has a beneficial effect on the largest possible surface. An infrared fiber placed in a ruby ​​specially designed for this purpose provides heat radiation in the device, which radiates at a wavelength of 850-950 nm. This is the same wavelength that infrared saunas use, as it does not burn the surface of the skin, but penetrates deeper into the tissues and initiates favorable physiological changes there.

Because the body can burn up to 300-500 calories in just 30-50 minutes of infrared radiation, INFRASLIM X technology can enhance the effectiveness of your workout. The essence of the technology is to raise the above-mentioned physiological effects to a new level for the users by combining it with a comfortable, yet all-muscle moving cardio workout. Exercise is provided by a recumbent exercise bike with a magnetic brake, which is comfortable and easy to use, allowing you to exercise for those whose gym workouts are overly strenuous, and with an infrared-supported full-body workout, you can burn up to more than 1,000 calories in 30 minutes. . When designing ergonomics, we paid special attention to the angle that spared the spine, as the primary goal is to maintain health. The user can choose from customizable training programs that suit their individual abilities and purpose.

Another advantage of INFRASLIM X is that it uses other technologies in addition to infrared, which not only support each other’s effects, but also ensure the prevention of unpleasant side effects, such as possible muscle spasms.