Ozone therapy has been used since the 1970s in medicine and the beauty industry, primarily for its immune-boosting, antiseptic, and skin-beautifying effects. Its introduction is named after Nikola Tesla, famous for his discovery of high-frequency current. The first ozone therapy devices were used mainly for medical purposes: unparalleled results have been achieved with ozone therapy in the treatment of infections, given that antibiotics were not yet available at this time. This procedure was first used in 1892 by D’Arson, a French biophysicist, to treat skin diseases.

Ozone (O3) is the active form of oxygen (O2). Ozone only remains in trinomic form if external conditions allow, otherwise it decomposes into a diatomic and a highly reactive monoatomic oxygen molecule. Monoatomic oxygen reacts extremely easily with any substance that has no place in the human body, thus also oxidizing pathogens and synthetic compounds. By oxidizing phospholipids and lipoproteins, active oxygen breaks down the cell membrane of bacteria and prevents the cell growth of fungi and the attachment of viruses to cells, including reproduction. By eliminating viral cells, it encourages the body to replace them with healthy cells. Ozone increases the supply of oxygen to tissues, oxidizes any deposits in the blood vessels, and cleanses the blood vessels. By promoting the production of ATP and interferons, it also activates the immune system.

There are different types of ozone therapy in terms of how ozone is delivered to the body. Because olive oil is also capable of sequestering ozone, it is also made into a special gel that can be extremely effective for more severe external injuries, infections, or skin blemishes. The closest to the technology used by INFRASLIM X is the ozone tent, in which the person treated can enjoy the benefits of ozone therapy from the neck down through the skin. Ozone therapy tightens and cleanses the skin and has a beneficial effect on cellular metabolic processes. Its versatile uses include wound healing and disinfection, such as in dental treatments or against herpes. Its skin stimulating effect is effective in removing wrinkles and restoring skin elasticity. Its main advantages are that the procedure itself is fast, hygienic, but at the same time perfectly painless and safe.

In INFRASLIM X, a glass electrode filled with noble gases is responsible for the ozone therapy function, into which the ionization of the gases takes place by itself. Ozone enters the treatment room in the form of oxygen atoms, which are highly reactive and come into immediate contact with the skin. The oxygen supply to the cells increases, the lymphatic flow starts, which is also stimulated by the infrared heat, so the excess substances leave the tissues faster. It also supports the collagen light therapy function as it also contributes to collagen production, tightens pores, reduces inflammation, tightens skin and connective tissue. The ozone therapy function built into INFRASLIM X cleanses, tightens the skin and further stimulates cellular metabolism, which is also enhanced by infrared heat. Furthermore, it not only heals and disinfects wounds, but its skin-stimulating effect, complemented by collagen light therapy, promotes natural skin regeneration. As it is also an anti-inflammatory, so it can be used to treat acne, you can miss the symptoms of herpes or even ulcers. The most important advantage of ozone therapy in the INFRASLIM X is that it complements the mechanism of action achieved by the combined strength of the five technologies for maximum detoxification and weight loss.

INFRASLIM X uses a special combination of state-of-the-art technologies to help your workout deliver the best results with less effort. Ozone therapy contributes to the physiological processes that lead to weight loss, detoxification and regeneration.