From a female’s point of view, exercise is not just about body shaping, but also about gaining enough self-confidence through sport. However, we consider it important to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle so that we can enjoy its blessing effects in the long run. INFRASLIM X offers a suitable solution for this, which multiplies the shaping and health-improving effects of training by using the 5 applied technologies together. You can read more about these in the APPLY INFRASLIM X menu item.

How to workout effectively?

Fat burning occurs in the body when we consume fewer calories than our daily needs, or when we reduce it even more by 300-500 calories with intense aerobic exercise. It’s not enough to just eat less, because if we don’t move during the diet, we’ll also gradually lose muscle mass, so we need to use fat as an energy source during exercise. To do this, you need to burn fat without losing muscle, which is most effective by alternating between cardio and strength training

Our performance stops quickly when we workouts at a monotonous, steady pace. This load will get used to the body after a while and will optimize energy use. Fat burning will be effective if we alternate different forms of movement, and by changing the intensity we can achieve that our body does not get used to the given load. If we just feel like we don’t have enough energy for a fast-paced workout, do it that day at a steady pace, watching for the right heart rate range, which we can calculate by subtracting our age from 220 and calculating 65-75% of that number. (For example, a 35-year-old man will have an ideal heart rate range for fat burning between 120 and 138.) Conversely, if you are energetic, do interval training where you alternate between fast and slow pace sections. Whichever workout you choose, overall, your workout uses fat, protein, carbs, and only your heart rate range determines which one, in what proportion.

If you don’t mind having to stretch your comfort zone, for example, a 20-30 minute cardio workout from a well-chosen high-intensity interval workout where the relatively short, high-intensity sections are followed by short breaks may be enough, so you don’t have to cycle 40 minutes at a monotonous pace to start burning fat in your body. Be careful not to stop moving during the rest period, just take it back from the intensity! If you exercise this form of movement, you will lose weight faster in less time. Fat burning training is more effective at higher heart rates, and intense exercise can speed up metabolism throughout the day and encourage the body to use fatty acids as an energy source for post-workout regeneration, so the amount of fat burned can be much higher than an average. after a moderate pace workout.

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Cycling is a popular aerobic exercise because this form of exercise (along with other forms of aerobic exercise) improves circulation, increases the stamina of the heart and lungs, and promotes detoxification processes. Exercise triggers fat burning, and the body uses a higher proportion of fat to absorb energy than carbohydrates and protein. Its great advantage is that it does not allow the metabolic processes to slow down and thickens the bones, making them more resistant to injury. However, in terms of fat burning, we can’t neglect muscle building either, as the rate of metabolism is directly proportional to muscle mass, so strength training is just as important a form of training as cardio.

The goal of strength training is to move our muscles (as many muscle groups as possible) while shaping our bodies. During cycling workouts, the emphasis is on shaping the legs and buttocks, and we can achieve good results in increasing muscle mass by developing the right training plan. Increasing muscle size will require multiple repetitions and exercises with moderate (70-85%) resistance targeting the same muscle groups. This increases the structural strength. If you roll to a higher level, your body will also use calories more efficiently. Those who want to get stronger can also include longer (3-5 minutes) rest periods, but it is good to stay moving while resting. Heart rate control is also important. If we have applied a heart rate monitor, we can also check during the resting minutes whether our heart rate has fallen back to a range that we are prepared to wait for the next sub-distance. This method can also be used for sprinting.

It is important that exercise is not a compulsion but an enjoyable recreation, which is why we have already integrated MultiVision technology based on 3D imaging into the new generation fitness device INFRASLIM X, which actually simulates the terrain conditions and shapes the resistance according to the topography. If we don’t follow our own training plan, we can even take part in such a virtual journey. The workout begins with a warm-up to prepare for the right intensity, followed by mountain intervals that you can even cycle through the mountain serpentines. On the screen you can follow where you are and the program adjusts the difficulty levels according to the ascending. This form of training will not only entertain you, but it is guaranteed to make you sweat.

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