Men mostly visit gyms not to lose weight, but to shape their bodies. In this article, we want to explain why it is worthwhile to include the use of the INFRASLIM X in their weekly routine.

Today, we don’t necessarily have to spend long hours in the gym to be fitter, more muscular and more fibrous. Numerous studies prove the effectiveness of 40-50 minute workouts, all we have to do is pay attention to the intensity and the amount of load. Short and intense exercise is not worth doing at the strongest level, but it is important to increase the pace to some degree so that your body does not get used to low intensity, as the monotonous, even load the body will quickly get used to and will optimize energy use. It’s best to keep increasing the load from workout to workout because the muscle develops the fastest when you get a little more load each time than before. This is because the body wants to avoid the stress it was exposed to during the previous workout. Our body eliminates this by increasing its own load capacity, so that after each workout, the load-bearing capacity of the muscles will improve and they will be even more resistant to further injuries. However, in the practical implementation of the principle of progressive exercise, we cannot ignore our current physical and mental state. Everyone can have a bad day, in which case they need to set different goals.

The great advantage of the INFRASLIM X machine is that it allows you to enter a personalized training plan, so we know that you will be training at the right level for you. If you do not want to set the parameters individually, you can also choose from the specific programs, while you can spin yourself up with your own music during the workout, or even watch a video.

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Strength training requires a greater investment of energy, which requires endurance, commitment and strong motivation. MultiVision technology, which allows us to ride a bike in a chosen terrain while not being exposed to natural factors, rain, wind, or even heat, can help us with this. The essence of the technological innovation is that using 3D animation, we see an image on the screen as if we were actually outdoors, so we can relax on the path of a wonderful national park or compete with our competitors on one of the stages of the Tour de France. The projected image is in line with the built-in bike, for example, when you ride uphill, the program controls the strength for the terrain, and cycling in hilly terrain is a well-known fat-burning and foot-shaping exercise.

The INFRASLIM X machine is unique in the fitness machine market because we can vary the types of workouts in it, while technologies such as infra, collagen or ozone therapy help build muscle and break down fat. When using the machine, the muscles relax and blood circulation speeds up. The body gets rid of excess toxins. Infrared heat warms the joints and helps them function, collagen supports the activity of cartilage cells and participates in their continuous renewal, makes the connective tissues more flexible and creates more favorable conditions for the joints to actively move. The dilation of the blood vessels, meanwhile, relieves the heart and contributes to the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the cells. Optimal oxygen uptake is facilitated by the use of supplemental oxygen therapy, which allows the above processes to take place with maximum efficiency. Nearly 100% pure oxygen also helps improve physical fitness and performance, but it can be used to prevent muscle spasm and eliminate the development of oxygen deficiency, which can lead to other unpleasant symptoms. You can read more about these in the APPLY INFRASLIM X menu item.

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1. Eat more protein!
In addition to fitness and cardio workouts, it is very important to get the right amount of protein into your body as protein is one of the components of our muscle fibers. The higher the muscle mass, the more efficiently we can burn fat, which also helps to slow down the aging process.

2. Get “good” carbohydrates into your body!
Our primary energy source is carbohydrates. It gives you strength and energy to do your daily activities and play sports, but it doesn’t matter what form we consume. We do best when we take in complex carbohydrates found in brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole grains, or oatmeal. In the absence of the right carbohydrates, weakness, loss of motivation and malaise can also occur.

3. Drink lots of water!
We need to pay attention to proper fluid intake during the day and during training. Water is essential for the body due to hydration. Water is needed in the body to transport nutrients, improve blood and lymph circulation, regulate blood pressure and internal body temperature, and support metabolic processes.